I am so glad we chose Kim as our doula! She was a great support to us before, during and after the birth of our son. Kim’s support allowed us to have the birth we desired. We couldn’t have had such a great experience without her! She not only helped me with pain management during labor, but also was a great support for my husband. ~Blaire H~ Lakeville, MN. Birth at Health Foundations Birth Center, St.Paul, MN

Kim was great. She met with us before our delivery date and was always available for questions. She has a great attitude and during the delivery always put me and the baby first,and still kept an eye on my husband to make sure he was doing okay. Having five children of her own, she is very knowledgeable and her relaxing demeanor made the laboring process very smooth. After the delivery she checked in on us multiple times including stopping by the house. We feel lucky we got the opportunity to work with Kim and would recommend  her to anyone who is looking for a doula. ~Katie T ~. S St.Paul, MN. Birthed at Health Foundations Birth Center, St.Paul, MN

My husband and I knew that Kim was our pick for a doula the first time we met her! She has a very caring and nurturing demeanor that we both liked. She met with us before the birth to discuss our birth plan and preferences and gave us some valuable literature to read. Because of the fact that our baby was due so close to the holidays, Kim went out of her way to find a back up doula to put our mind to ease because of a holiday trip she had planned and was very upfront about, which we really appreciated. Unfortunately our daughter came two weeks early while Kim was on her trip we knew about. so Kim was unable to attend the birth. She still kept in contact and encapsulated my placenta for me, which was hand delivered with a homemade welcome gift for our daughter. She has even sent a gift for our 6 year old for her birthday! I would highly recommend Kim as a doula! She is very sincere and thoughtful, and went above and beyond our expectations even though she wasn’t able to attend our daughter’s birth. I consider her a lifelong friend. ~Christina S-W~, Burnsvile, MN. Birthed at Health Foundations Birth Center, St.Paul, MN.

We were very impressed with Kim as our doula. We hired her right when my wife was in labor. Kim met us at the hospital minutes from when we arrived. Kid had many suggestions and techniques to use during the time my wife was laboring, She showed us ways to help relieve stress and help my wife relax when she could along with helping my wife take control of her birth. The birth of our son could not have been what it was without the support Kim Provided, we will be recommending her to our family and friends. Great support not just for my wife but tons for me the father! ~L&J~ Minneapolis, MN. Birthed at Mother Baby Center, Minneapolis, MN.

I cannot imagine our birth without a doula. Kim was great and was checking in leading up to the birth, suggesting information to read up on when we had questions. During labor, she was great at providing suggestions, support, and being an extra set of hands for my husband and take the brunt of my strength when pushing. My husband appreciated the reminders to “put pressure in spots”, “ect”. Kim’s support was awesome. it was great having her there! We would very much refer her to anyone who is looking for a doula. ~ E&G~ Minneapolis, MN. Birthed at Health Foundations Birth Center, St.Paul, MN.

Working with Kim was a pleasure. Her experience ensured that we stuck to our birth plan ( as closely as baby allowed!) and labored as long as possible at home, then made it to the hospital right in time to start pushing! Having her knowledge was helpful throughout the whole process, especially as a resource while we were at home trying to “stall” before heading to the hospital. She reminded us of our intentions and plan and was helpful in suggesting new positions while in  labor. She kept positive and encouraging attitude throughout the entire labor, keeping all of our spirits high and focused on the task at hand. ~A & C~ Minneapolis MN. Birthed at Methodist Hospital, St.Louis Park, MN.

Having Kim as our birth doula was truly a blessing. She provided valuable information to us in our prenatal visits regarding labor, comfort measures, and placenta encapsulation. When I went into labor (at 1am!) she was immediately available when we reached out to her, providing phone support and tips, and when it was time to meet at the birth center she was there.

Although my labor was on the shorter side Kim was the calm in the room, and really helped keep me grounded. Her soft touch and encouraging words helped me stay focused and confident in my body’s natural ability to birth my baby. She was also a valuable resource for my husband throughout the laboring process to help him know “what to do” in the moment.

My labor and delivery were flawless, and my sweet baby boy is perfect. Unfortunately after birth I suffered from a postpartum hemorrhage and needed to be transferred to the hospital. Although Kim’s “duties” were over she stayed with my husband and newborn while I had to go into surgery anyway, and really went above and beyond for us!

We also chose to have Kim encapsulate my placenta, which she did and brought over to our house a couple days after birth along with a sweet umbilical cord keepsake. If I ever were to have another child I would certainly want Kim to be there with us again, and I highly recommend her as a birth doula to anyone looking for support! ~R&M~ New Hope, MN. Birthed at MN Birth Center, Minneapolis MN.

Kim was a wonderful and vital part of our birth experience! I had been unsure if I needed a doula since we were giving birth at a birth center, but I am so glad that we did hire Kim! When Kim arrived at our house, I was pretty sure it was time to start driving to the birth center. The midwives were not sure – they thought we should wait awhile still. Kim, with her large amount of experience, was able to confirm that we should start driving in when she arrived at our house. Thank goodness she gave us the courage and confidence to go — when we arrived, I was fully dilated and our baby arrived an hour later! After the birth, I had excess bleeding and the midwives suggested some medical interventions that I was unsure about. It made me feel much more confident to have Kim there, who was able to give us guidance based on her past experiences and we knew she was advocating for us and with full knowledge of our goals and preferences for the birth. She also made sure that the little things I had wanted to happen at the birth did – I had a wonderful cup of tea after the birth and we put essential oils on our baby’s head. If Kim hadn’t been there remembering these extra steps, I am sure they would have not been done in the excitement of a new baby. Most importantly, Kim was a wonderfully calm, reassuring energy in the birth who supported me wonderfully during the hardest parts. She intuitively knew how to help and calm everyone involved! ~S&Z~ 2/2017 Lakeville, MN. Birthed at Health Foundations, St.Paul, MN